History of the Lake Ontario Ordnance Works, Restoration Advisory Board


Convened in 1999 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, under the public participation regulatory requirements of its DERP FUDS Program (to investigate and remediate Dept. of Defense contamination from chemicals and explosives.)

  • Expanded by the Buffalo District Installation in 2002 to include the Army Corps’ FUSRAP Program (to investigate, manage, and remediate Dept. of Energy contamination from radioactive wastes.)
  • 2002-2007 Corps continues to recognize and meet with the LOOW RAB
  • 2007 Corps declines RAB request for facilitator to resolve issues between RAB and Corps
  • Jan. 2008 Army Corps takes a new position that the LOOW RAB had been dissolved in 2002
  • Mar. 2008 then Attorney General Andrew Cuomo renders opinion that the Corps did not dissolve the RAB
  • The RAB continues meeting from 2008-2011. In July, some RAB members resign to form a new group funded/facilitated by Corps, without regulatory standing
  • The RAB remains intact and recognized by all of its participating stakeholders and agencies, which currently does not include the Army Corps.